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George Whitefield (1711 – 1770) contributed to a massive shift in spiritual composition of the American colonies during the decades leading up to the Revolutionary War. Over the course of his life Whitefield traveled to America seven times and toured up and down the original thirteen colonies preaching thousands of times to massive crowds at every stop. Renowned for his impressive oratorical skills, his sermons left an unforgettable impact upon the listeners who remembered the evangelists words for many years.

Even after his death in New Hampshire while on his final missionary tour his sermons remained incredibly popular and would regularly be reprinted. This edition was published in 1793, a full 23 years after Whitefield’s passing. Noted on the front is the fact that Whitefield had served as the chaplain to Serena, Countess of Huntington, during his life. The Countess was a major force behind many of the notable religious efforts in the colonies and she financially funded missionaries, evangelists, chapels, and many publications.

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