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George Whitefield is considered one of the most important and influential ministers in America’s religious history. Born in Gloucester, England, on December 27, 1714. During the course of his life Whitefield would journey to America seven times and journeyed up and down the colonies preaching relentlessly. His efforts would be a primary factor in the national revival sweeping across the American continent now called the First Great Awakening.

This sermon was preached in 1738 from the deck of the ship which would carry him across the Atlantic back to England after spending a few months doing ministerial work in the Georgia colony. While there, Whitefield worked to help set up an orphanage and attend to the religious needs of the colonists. Whitefield had been invited by the Wesley brothers to assist in their missionary efforts. This trip began a lifelong involvement in American affairs and the orphanage he founded remains active as the oldest charity in the United States.

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