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Chandler Robbins lived from 1738 to 1793 and was himself the son of a minister. After graduating from Yale University in 1756, he was ordained and received an appointment to preach. During the Revolutionary War he was distinguished for his patriotic efforts and heralded the cause of liberty. During the early centuries of American history, government would request ministers to preach a sermon to the members after an election which would focus upon what the Bible had to say concerning proper government. These “Election Sermons,” as they were called, generally covered topics such as the balance of power, the role of natural law, and condemned practices such as bribery and corruption.

This sermon specifically was preached while John Hancock was Governor and Samuel Adams was Lieutenant Governor. Only a few years after the ratification of the US Constitution, Robbins mainly focused on the way that Christian religion and good morals will ensure the good and proper ordering of government.

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